Overall style of your room

Before purchasing a map poster for your room, consider the overall style of the interior you desire. What is the room’s furniture, flooring and other decoration items like? Among others, ancient map art is perfect located next to the book shelves, fireplace, sofa or staircase. Office rooms, study rooms, sitting rooms or hallways also look very good with historical maps.

Click here for some popular interior styles that go well with map art. (článek Interior Styles compatible with map art)

Size of the wall

Wall art should fill the wall adequately; it can cover up to two thirds of its actual size. A small size on a big wall can sometimes look lost. Do not be afraid of bigger sizes. Or, if large wall designs are not your cup of coffee, go for gallery walls! They with no doubt attract the attention of every customer. Before starting to drill into the wall though, make sure you have a proper plan and have made a layout on the wall first. There are many tutorials online that will show you how to make a wall collage – for example, I find this one very helpful.


Frames matter! Make sure you consider the color of the wall when selecting the frame color. A white frame only seldom does any good when hung on a white wall. On the other hand, they look stunning on a creamy or blue wall, for example. Decorated frames are well-suited to antique maps, however if you plan to mix your wall decor with some contemporary pieces or photos, go for a simple one-color wooden frame to make sure the different frames on the wall do not clash. Another way would be choosing a single frame style for various wall hangings; this will serve as a unifying feature.

Match with other wall art

Historical maps are often tuned into natural shades; therefore they are easy to match with other wall decor of different colors.

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