Maps are a symbol with a visual value. Via maps we can show our favourite places. They do well in pretty

much every interior. Let us see how maps and various types of interior fit together:

Living room, Sitting Room

Decorations play an important role in the sitting room – with their design and style you make a statement,

you are telling your story. This is the room we normally spend most of our time while at home. The living

room design reflects our personality yet it is also a place where we welcome guests and visitors. Based on

my own experience, map art on walls is a great conversation starter! Almost all of our guests immediately

focus on the antique map that hangs in our living room, study the map, ask questions, and a conversation

smoothly begins.

Hallway and Staircase

Staircases and hallway are the places of movement. They are highly frequented and any wall decor placed

here will be seen the most. Do you have a favourite place that you really want it to be seen? Place the map


Office, Study Room

We spend the longest part of the day in our office. It is a great idea to decorate such spaces with something

from your private life. It can be a map of your last holiday destination, or perhaps a map of your hometown.

It will help you feel more comfortable in the office and help you better concentrate for work.


A bedroom is a private space. It is a place where we rest and dream. Why not hang a map of your dream

destination here?

Restaurant, Pub

Maps are ideal items to support the theme of any public interior. Whether you are opening a Mexican

restaurant or your Irish pub needs a facelift, a well-selected themed decor will do it good. You will also find

a number of maps covering places where coffee is grown. Such map decor will enhance any café interior.

Hotel lobby, Hotel Room

No wonder antique map art is one of the most popular hotel lobby decorations. Just notice it next time you

travel. Hanging maps are a great way how to welcome visitors to your city or region.

Yacht or Boat Interior Decor

Old nautical maps are an ideal wall decor for boats’ and yachts’ interior. Sailing is an active, adventurous

lifestyle. There is no better traditional symbol of an adventure than the exploratory voyages from past centuries,

which wouldn’t had been possible without navigational tools including sea maps. The development of mapmaking

from the 15th century onwards contributed immensely to the rise in the scale of overseas traffic. Antique nautical

maps keep the spirit of these important voyages alive. No boat should leave a harbour without one.


Vintage maps are a fine segment of wall art. They are an ideal type of a wall hanging to express someone’s

personality, someone’s life story. This means historical maps are definitely a great gift idea.

My customers often buy map posters as a birthday present for their loved ones. Since the pre-holiday season

usually gets very busy in my shop, the old maps clearly make a great Christmas present too. During the wedding

season, I also regularly have customers who give maps as wedding gifts. They choose the map according to

a favourite place the bride and the groom have travelled to together or where they’ll spend their honeymoon.

Last, but not least, historical maps are a perfect anniversary present idea. Having spent time together, couples

have their favourite locations that are worth being reminded of! The first wedding anniversary is nicknamed the

“paper anniversary” which offers a great opportunity for products made of paper. Our map reproductions are

printed on sheets of high quality handmade paper so it suits the theme well.

Send us an email with the dream location that you would like to see as a theme on your wall. We will come back

to you with a tailor-made offer for a thematic wall mementoes.

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